World Gin Day: Adelaide Gin x Abbotts & Kinney Collaboration

CALLIE was engaged to develop a creative concept for Adelaide Gin to generate positive PR and awareness for the brand.

CALLIE proposed the initial collaboration idea, approaching and liaising directly with Abbots & Kinney to secure their involvement and create an Adelaide Gin Donut. CALLIE then created a strategic PR plan to ensure cut-through and hype in a cluttered market, which included linking the partnership to World Gin Day. Through public relations, influencer engagement, cross promotion with A&K, and social media, the buzz resulted in all pre-ordered donuts selling out two weeks before World Gin Day and widespread media coverage.


  • 7.2 Million total PR reach, including a Page 3 feature in The Advertiser.
  • The donuts sold-out ahead of World Gin Day and online gin sales increased by 196%.
  • Generated 50+ pieces of user-generated content.
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Influencer Campaign / Partnerships / PR

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