Bin Shift

CALLIE was engaged to identify the communications opportunities that environmentally-focused start-up BIN SHIFT could capitalise on throughout 2020 and develop a corresponding strategic recommendation and approach. The result was a clear, thoughtful communications and marketing strategy that would help the brand to increase communications with its key stakeholders in a tactical and engaging way. With this detailed strategy outlined, BIN SHIFT was able to take control of their own marketing efforts with a clear direction in place and start communicating more effectively with its publics.


  • Communications & marketing direction including identified opportunities, objectives, principles, messages, 12-month action plan and targeted PR recommendation;
  • Top-line social media strategy, brand voice development and website copy;
  • Thorough stakeholder map, identifying a series of audiences for BIN SHIFT to engage with, and how to reach those audiences.
Education, Social Impact, Sustainability

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