Balfours Bakery

Australia’s oldest Bakery, Balfours, was established in Adelaide in 1853.

In 2018, Balfours approached CALLIE to coordinate PR for the brand’s 165th anniversary celebration and concurrently launch its new vegan range. A key focus of the 165th birthday celebrations was to relaunch the brand with a new consumer in mind, targeting a younger, fresher audience to demonstrate that the brand is adapting to the evolving desires of the modern consumer. The Balfours Bakery 165th Anniversary celebration and vegan range launch dominated South Australian media platforms in the 48 hours surrounding the event itself, with additional coverage achieved in the lead-up and weeks following the event.


  • Coverage across social, digital and traditional media, radio, and all three major television broadcast channels.
  • More than 200 guests in attendance and an attendance rate of more than 75 percent.
  • Total reach of more than 47 million people overall throughout the campaign period.
  • Social media reach of more than 1.7 million, more than five times the KPI goal.
  • Stunning styling of the brand and product ranges, with interactive elements
    driving positive WOM and elevating the ATL message of: “When was your last Balfours?”
  • Professional video and photography from the evening to capture the occasion and formalities.
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